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Agnofit Meals

from $14.25 per meal

Our Agnosanté Fit Meals are  properly balanced and portioned to give you a great plate of clean and wholesome food. With no soy, dairy, gluten or perservatives and fresh organic ingredients you know you are eating well with each bite. Our chefs and nutritionists are constantly refining and evo...

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Santé Salads

from $14.20 per meal

What's in salad? Proper goodness for sure. Tangy, savory, a good crisp crunch is what we strive for. Balanced with the right amount of protein you'll have enough energy to get you through your day. All of our salads are served with 4oz of protein with all organic ingredients and always, soy, g...

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Vegan Super Bowls

from $13.50 per meal

Our vegan bowls are just delicious. Filled with clean organic ingredients and freshly prepared for you. Our recipes carry an international flare and our chefs and nutritionists are constantly refining and evolving our recipes so there will be always something new and different to try. As alway...

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Cold Pressed Juices

from $7.50 per meal

We've partnered with the best local Montreal juicer, Just Pressed, to bring you fresh certified organic cold pressed juices. A perfect compliment to one of our meal plans.  No preservatives, no processed sugars, just fresh natural fruits and vegetables and delicious reci...

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Agno Cuisine Cleanse

from $220.00

Agnosanté Cusine Cleanse is the first organic, plant-based food detox of its kind. Hand-crafted by passionate food detox experts, a clean cuisine chef and a raw food deto specialist. The Agno Cusine Cleanse is a bridge between traditional foods and liquid cleanses. Containing most of the best ...

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Agnofit Meal Trial

$60.00 for 3 meals

Give Agnosanté a try with our trial meal pack. You'll get 3 meals for the week. If you like it you can then subscribe to one of our great meal plans. Our meals are a properly balanced and portioned to give you a great plate of clean and wholesome food. With no soy, dairy...

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