• Agnofit Meals à la carte
  • Agnofit Meals à la carte
  • Agnofit Meals à la carte
  • Agnofit Meals à la carte
  • Agnofit Meals à la carte
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Agnofit Meals à la carte


Our Agnosanté Fit Meals are properly balanced and portioned to give you a great plate of clean and wholesome food. With no soy, dairy, gluten or perservatives and fresh organic ingredients you know you are eating well with each bite. Our chefs and nutritionists are constantly refining and evolving the menu so there will be always something new and different to try. Choose your protein size and number of meals.

Mustard Seed Crusted Salmon - served with steamed brown rice and curry cauliflower

Honey Baked Fresh Cod  - served with sliced almonds, roasted brussel sprouts and lima beans

Slow Baked Dijon Paprika Chicken - served with baked black bean, green onion and spaghetti squash

Ginger Black Sesame Seed Chicken - served with spicy baked corn and cashew lime and coconut milk basmati rice

Grilled Hanger Steak - served with cherry tomato and shallot sauce, baked portobello and spinach polenta

Chunky Beef Bolognese - served with zucchini spaghetti and basil

Full nutritional info coming soon!

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